Heviz, Hungary 2

Heviz, Hungary


Heviz is a dream come true for everyone who wants to escape from the hustle and bustle and plunge into a measured, comfortable and carefree life at least for a while, improve their health, enjoy the moment. This is a charming European town with all the attributes of it: neat streets, flower beds, cozy cafes. But the center of attraction is the thermal lake of the same name, the largest not only in Hungary, but throughout Europe. It is fed by a powerful underground source, which provides both high water temperature and its constant renewal, and dense steam above the surface. For Hungary climate and geography, please check TopPharmacySchools.

You can swim in Heviz even all year round, admiring the lilies brought from India and watching how your health and mood improve. If you wish, you should go on an excursion to the surrounding palaces and fortresses or to the nearby Lake Balaton. The main thing is not to strain: here they even swim in inflatable circles – this is what doctors recommend, and spa guests are happy to give up the only possible concern here.

Treatment in Heviz

Lake Heviz is of volcanic origin, the mineral springs that feed it lurk in a cave at a depth of 38 m, while the depth of the reservoir itself is no more than 2 m. The surface area (47.5 thousand square meters) and the water temperature are impressive (+33…+36 °C in summer, +24…+28 °C in winter). You can swim in the lake all year round: for maximum comfort of vacationers, an indoor swimming pool has been built here. The water, saturated with carbon dioxide, radon, sulfur and thorium, is completely renewed every 48 hours. It is not surprising that it is useful to take it inside: the pump room is visited by spa visitors no less than the bath. The dense steam that constantly envelops the surface of the lake also has a healing effect on the body.

Heviz sanatoriums offer patients a whole range of wellness treatments: mineral water, massages, mud packs, carbonic baths, therapeutic exercises, electrotherapy, exposure to contrasting temperatures and other effective methods.

Indications: diseases of the musculoskeletal system (including Bechterew’s disease, arthrosis, gout, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, lesions of the intervertebral discs), diseases of the peripheral nervous system (neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago, etc.), gastrointestinal disorders, gynecological diseases, diseases of ENT organs, post-traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation.

Half of the mud that settles to the bottom of the lake consists of organic deposits (mainly of plant origin) with a high content of iodine and estrogen, has good hydrophilicity and high heat capacity, so it is also great for treatment.

Contraindications: malignant tumors, heart failure, uncompensated thyroid disease, subcompensated diabetes mellitus, thrombophlebitis, hemophilia, bronchial asthma with frequent attacks, diseases of the hematopoietic organs, radiation sickness, pregnancy and lactation.


In Heviz, there are fashionable boutiques with designer products, and souvenir shops where you can choose pleasant little things as a keepsake. Both those and others are concentrated on the pedestrian streets of the center. Small shops display collections of Hungarian and international brands, as well as shoes, jewelry, and optics. Salons of luxury brands of the Escada level are open on the territory of the hotels. The best souvenir shops are worth looking for in the bus station area. Textiles embroidered with traditional patterns, hand-painted porcelain, wooden dolls, and carvings deserve special attention.

On the shelves of Heviz, there is also the most sought-after souvenir in Hungary – paprika in elegant packages. Kalochay and Szeged are most valued.

Of the edible gifts, marzipan sweets and, of course, alcohol are also good: world-famous Tokay wines, Unicum bitter balm, Palinka fruit vodka, frech – a mixture of wine and soda pop in a painted siphon. And at the farmer’s market, open three days a week, you can buy fresh pastries, honey and jams made by local craftsmen according to centuries-old recipes.

Cuisine and restaurants of Heviz

In Heviz, the food is Hungarian: generous, tasty and satisfying. The city has many cafes, taverns and restaurants for guests with any budget. In the morning, it is best to look into one of the coffee houses: drink a cup of aromatic drink, treat yourself to pastries or ice cream. Lunch is the time to get acquainted with traditional dishes: obligatory goulash (it is cooked here in dozens of different ways from different types of meat, even venison), stew, baked pork in pots with a side dish of vegetables. Chicken paprikash with pepper, langosh flatbreads, vegetarian fezelek soup made from zucchini, cabbage, potatoes and lentils are also good.

In Heviz, there are taverns with a relaxed atmosphere, sandwich cafes, ethnic-style restaurants, and live music venues. Some eateries offer a vegetarian menu and free Wi-Fi, and there are discounts on certain days. It is most pleasant to dine on cozy verandas overlooking the lake: restaurants with such a bonus are often open at hotels.

Lunch in a cafe will cost 2500-3000 HUF, dinner in a restaurant – from 11000-15000 HUF for two.

Dinner in Heviz is recommended to be combined with a tasting of excellent Tokay wine and other alcoholic beverages that Hungary is famous for. There are several bars with interesting cocktail menus in the city, private wine cellars are open on the Balaton coast, but a decent assortment of alcohol will be offered in almost any cafe or restaurant.

Entertainment and attractions

The surroundings of Heviz are a region with a rich history, and therefore a whole scattering of attractions. The most impressive is the Festeich Palace in the center of neighboring Keszthely. This is one of the largest and most elegant mansions in Hungary, dating back to the 18th century. Behind the intricately decorated baroque façade hides a museum with a rich collection of weapons and a library with a valuable collection of books, from ancient tomes to sheet music autographed by Haydn. And the 17th-century Batthyani Castle served as the family estate of the count’s family. Today, here you can get acquainted with the interactive exposition, stroll through the magnificent park and even spend the night in a mini-hotel.

There are other places worth visiting in Keszthely. The Balaton Museum tells about the history of the lake, and the Bronze Age agricultural implements are stored in Georgikon. Guests of the Marzipan Museum will be offered to enjoy the famous sweets, and visitors to the Panopticon risk getting lost among the very realistic wax figures.

On st. Kossuth, not far from the Puppet Museum, flaunts a unique art object – a model of the Budapest Parliament, made of 5 million shells. Height – 2.5 m, length – 7.5 m, fidelity – amazing.

In the vicinity of Heviz, several medieval fortresses have been preserved. One of them, Sümegskaya, was built in the 11th century and is considered the oldest in Hungary. Tourists are waiting for entertainment for every taste: tours of the museum of weapons with cannons, pistols and armor from different eras, riding lessons, and most importantly – jousting tournaments held on a special scale and culminating in meals according to ancient customs. The ruins of another famous fortress are located in Szigliget. She is a little younger (13th century), but keeps no less amazing secrets. However, what exactly is hidden in the secret passages and echoing wells will only be known after the ongoing restoration.

The nature of the fertile land can also be considered an independent attraction. The Tapoltsy Caves, the Balaton Upland National Park and other picturesque corners will surely remain in the traveler’s memory for a long time.

5 things to do in Heviz

  1. Plenty to swim in the lake and say goodbye to bad health for a long time.
  2. From the entire list of wellness procedures, choose the most pleasant, whether it’s a massage or taking mineral water.
  3. Taste all varieties of Balaton wine, combining tastings with hearty meals.
  4. Attend a knightly performance in the Sümeg Fortress.
  5. Go to Keszthely and compare the layout of the parliament, created from millions of shells, with the original.

Heviz for children

Not far from Heviz, there are several places where both young and adult travelers will like it. One of them is the buffalo reserve on the territory of the Balaton Upland National Park. It contains about 100 animals living in their natural environment. For visitors, special walking trails with wooden decks have been laid: the animals are absolutely not afraid of people and calmly approach the fences.

In Keszthely, the largest Museum of Ethnic Dolls in Central Europe has been opened (off. site). More than 700 exhibits in folk costumes “live” on three floors, exactly copying the traditional Hungarian outfits. Ceremonial, everyday, wedding, work – national clothes, even if sewn for dolls, are presented in all their colorful diversity.

And, of course, where without water attractions in the lake district! If kids get bored of swimming in Heviz or Balaton, we recommend taking them to the Kehida entertainment complex in the nearby village of Kehidakushtan. While parents are relaxing in sulfur baths, jacuzzis and saunas, kids are having fun in the water park. By the way, the 100-meter slide with sound and light special effects erected here has no analogues in all of Hungary.

Heviz, Hungary 2