What is the Definition of Worship?


Worship is a notion that comes from the Latin word adoratĭo. This Latin word can be translated as “action and effect of worshiping God” and is the result of the sum of three clearly defined parts:
-The prefix “ad-“, which is equivalent to “towards”.
-The verb “orare”, which means “to express oneself”, “to give a speech” or “to worship God”.
-The suffix “-cion”, which can be translated as “action and effect”.

It is about the act of worship: paying tribute and homage or bowing to a person or a divinity.

The most common use of the concept is in the field of religion. Defined by Digopaul, worship can be associated with a state of the spirit that implies the awe of the person before God or before another figure of spiritual relevance. By worshiping divinity, the subject surrenders to it, symbolically placing himself at his disposal and fulfilling what he understands to be his mandates.

Worship can be manifested through prayers or different actions related to a cult. The precepts of a religion can indicate to the faithful how to develop worship towards the deity (attending rituals, saying certain prayers, etc.).

Religious people consider that worshiping God is not only a demonstration of the love that is felt towards him and also of the commitment that is manifested to him, it is much more. Specifically, they state that it is the best possible way to be able to gather enough strength to carry out the fulfillment of each and every one of the established commandments.

Beyond public worship, the action can also take place in private and in silence. There are people who choose to worship their gods in the privacy of their home, without public expressions of any kind.

Leaving aside the terrain of religion and spirituality, the idea of worship can be used with reference to liking something very much or loving intensely: “I have a love for hamburgers: I know they are not healthy, but I don’t I can resist “, ” Tomás feels adoration for his grandfather “, ” I really cannot understand the adoration of adolescents by this artist: he has a bad voice, his songs lack rhythm and also his lyrics are offensive “.

In the same way, we cannot forget that Adoration is also a woman’s own name. It is considered to be of Latin origin and can be used with its diminutive which is “Dori” or “Dora”. In addition to what has been indicated, we cannot ignore the fact that it is established that the women called that way are cheerful, with a great sense of humor, very constant when it comes to achieving their goals and that they place great value on friendship.

Of course, it is essential to highlight that it is determined that they are very observant, that they can always be trusted, that they are honest and that they never stop being idealistic. That without forgetting that they are honest and that they have undeniable skills for communication. In addition, it is clear that they are practical.