What is the Definition of Wax?


The wax is a substance secreted by the bees to build their comb cells. Other products are also called wax that, due to their characteristics, are similar.

In the case of the wax made by bees, it is a soft but solid substance that can melt. This material is used by humans to make candles. Other insects secrete a similar substance that they usually deposit on plants.

According to DigoPaul, wax is also used to protect various surfaces as it contributes to waterproofing. It is common for people to wax the floor, for example, to improve its conservation and to beautify it since the wax adds shine.

When it comes to hair removal, it is also possible to use wax. The substance is applied to the area of ​​the body to be waxed so that the hair adheres; in this way its extraction is easier.

It called ear wax or cerumen to the substance secreted some glands located in the ear canal. The function of this wax is lubrication and protection against fungi, bacteria and other organisms. It also helps to keep the area clean. When an excessive amount of wax builds up in the ear, however, hearing is impaired. In these cases, it is necessary to remove the wax plug.

Generally, the wax – producing glands in the canal ear reaches the opening of the ear and when it reaches that region falls naturally or can be eliminated through body hygiene practices. The aforementioned wax plug is one of the most common causes of hearing impairment, and many people wait too long before heading to a doctor’s office.

Regarding the causes of the formation of this wax plug, in some cases it is due to the fact that in certain individuals the glands produce an excessive amount of earwax and the ear is not physically prepared to eliminate it effectively. When the substance hardens, its extraction is considerably difficult as it becomes stuck; in fact, misuse of cleaning tools can cause the opposite effect to the desired one, that is, push the wax into the ear.

Wax plug symptoms are fairly easy to identify, which is why no one should hesitate to seek professional assistance. The most common are pain, the feeling that something is pressing the ear, noise perception and hearing loss to varying degrees, usually with a tendency to worsen.

It is worth mentioning that most wax plugs can be extracted with home methods, although for this it is necessary to soften them using a certain product, such as baby oil, glycerin, specific drops sold in pharmacies, mineral oil or simply water.

The fundamental steps for wax extraction by washing are the following two: with the help of a suitably sterilized syringe, introduce water at room temperature into the affected ear while gently pulling the ear up with one hand, always in an upright position.; tilt your head to let the water drain. They usually need to be repeated several times to complete the drainage process.

Given the delicacy of the ear, it is very important to educate yourself responsibly before trying unusual methods, or even practicing daily hygiene, as one wrong step can lead to permanent injury.

Finally, wax is a membrane that sits on the beaks of pigeons, hawks and other birds.