What is the Definition of Training?


Training is the action and effect of training someone. To train, as such, designates the action of providing a person with new knowledge and tools so that he develops to the maximum his abilities and skills in the performance of a work.

In this sense, the training forms and prepares the human resources of a company for the execution of its functions. As such, it is a process that consists in the imparting of theoretical, technical and practical knowledge through study, training and supervision activities. Hence, the training modules are offered to employees who are entering a company (training), as well as to employees who want to be instructed in the management of new tools or machinery (training).

The purpose of the training is to expand the knowledge and skills of workers, so that they perform their tasks more efficiently, raising the productivity levels of the company. Likewise, training is essential when keeping employees up to date with regard to the latest in the use of tools and technologies related to their area of ​​performance.

The reason for implementing a training process responds, on many occasions, to the need to improve the overall functioning of a company. To do this, a general diagnosis is made of the strengths and weaknesses of the production processes, considering aspects such as their goals and objectives, their organizational structure, and the resources they have. In this way, after recognizing the problems that are affecting the operation of the company, training activities will be implemented through which it is sought to correct them.

The training, as such, is an effective way to ensure the ongoing formation of the human capital of a company with respect to the performance of their daily tasks.