What is the Definition of Summit?


From the Latin culmen, the summit is the top or top of a mountain. Topography defines the term as the point on the surface that is highest in altitude compared to the points immediately adjacent to it. For example: “The summit of Mount Everest is more than 8,800 meters high”, “If the weather conditions continue, we will reach the summit in two hours”, “From the summit you can see the sea”.

The usual thing is that the concept of summit is used to name the mountain peak that has a significant degree of topographic prominence, that is, that it is at a considerable distance from the closest point of highest elevation.

It is possible to speak of a sub-peak to mention other peaks close to the summit, although with less prominence. Such sub-peaks are usually part of the same mountain as the summit.

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All this also leads us to determine that there are many summits in the world that have become the most important precisely because of the height at which they are located. However, among the most significant is, for example, Everest, which is located in the Himalayas and has a height of 8,848 meters.

Many are the passionate and professionals of mountaineering and climbing who have set themselves the goal of reaching its summit. Thus, since 1953 there have been more than 140 attempts to achieve it, the first to bear fruit being the one carried out by the New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, from Nepal.

Likewise, another of the most important peaks in the world is K2, which is in the Asian Karakórum mountain range and is 8,611 meters high. There are various attempts, failed or not, that have been carried out with the clear objective of ascending this mountain, which is considered one of the most difficult and dangerous due to its characteristics.

Kangchenjunga, Lhotse or Makalu, the three in the Himalayas, are other of the most significant peaks of all those that exist throughout the planet.

The notion of summit can also be used in a symbolic way to indicate the last degree that can be reached or the top of something : “After winning a new title with his team, the footballer has reached the peak of his career”, “Mario he reached the professional summit at the age of 30 and today he is one of the most consulted experts in the world”, “This tennis player has little to do to reach the summit”.

In addition to all the above, we would have to underline that within the literary field one of his most important works bears precisely the term in question in its title. We are referring to “Wuthering Heights”, a novel written in 1847 by Emily Brontë, who used the pseudonym Ellis Bell to publish it.

Finally, a summit is a meeting between leaders or heads of state to deal with highly relevant issues : “The summit of South American presidents will take place next month in São Paulo”.