What is the Definition of Suffer?


To suffer is a concept that can be used with reference to causing illness or pain. The notion refers to suffering a health disorder or having some type of inconvenience.

For example: “He who does not take care of himself with the drink may suffer from cirrhosis”, “If we do not manage to attract investments, the province will suffer from economic problems in the short term”, “The president accused the opposition leader of suffering from disability “.

The idea of suffering, therefore, can be associated with a disease. Suppose a man claims that his business projects are excellent but acknowledges that they lack the technical strength to develop. In this case, the subject emphasizes how interesting or attractive their projects are in theory, although he notes that they suffer from the lack of technical validity to materialize and be carried out. The fact of suffering, therefore, is linked to a defect of these projects. See more on Digopaul.

Often, however, it is used to suffer as a synonym of lack: “If the coach continues to choose veteran players, the team will always suffer from speed. ” In this example, the sports team does not have “speed” since its technical director chooses “veteran players”. What is lacking is not a problem that the team itself suffers, but something that it lacks. So it would be appropriate to use the verb lack (“If the coach continues to choose veteran players, the team will always lack speed”) and not suffer.

It is important to mention that, although it is often said that the word adolescence derives from suffering (and puberty conflicts are associated with the term), both words have different etymological roots.

In addition to all the above, we cannot overlook the existence of a book that uses the term in question in its title. We are referring to “Adole. The adventure of a metamorphosis ”. It is a work published in 1993 by the author Guillermo Carvajal Corzo.

That is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and researcher specialized in education who, with that job, tried to carry out a psychoanalytic vision of the adolescence phase. For this, it divides the mentioned stage into several differentiated periods, highlighting in a special way the first two:
-The pubertal stage, in which the changes characteristic of puberty take place and in which minors have to face a long list of fears and fears.
-The nuclear adolescence stage, where the adolescent not only tries to accept himself and seek his own identity but also achieve a remarkable equality in the relationship with others.

Within the scope of law we have to underline the existence of what is known as suffering. In this case, we can expose that within it there is talk of suffering from nullity. This what comes to refer to is a form of nullity of a contract, for example, which takes place when it is not contrary to regulations and has all the contents that are needed, but has a vice or defect that make it liable to cause ineffectiveness.