What is the Definition of Search?


Search is the attempt to find something desired through attention, follow-up, persecution or any kind of effort.

A search can be of something material or immaterial:

  • The search for something material, such as the search for people, animals, criminals or suspects, is the effort made to find the reasons that have disappeared in order to locate his whereabouts.
  • The search for something immaterial, such as the search for happiness, reason or death, implies an intellectual effort of each one to find the coherent path to these states.

The search for information is the ability to find data that together give a meaning to the objective, concept or desire to be found. The information search can be analogous or digital:

Search for analog information

The search for analogous information is done through books, people, interviews, clues or other media, whose data is collected and chosen, organized and classified by the criteria of people and not by predefinition through machines or programs.

Search for digital information

The search for digital information is generally carried out through search engines, also called search engines, which are characterized by containing a large amount of organized and categorized information programmed to yield predefined results according to the keywords that are entered.

The Google search engine, for example, has some of the following functions that facilitate search:

  • Voice search: is the activation of the voice recognition program (microphone that is located on the right side of the search bar) that introduces what is said in the search engine without the need for the user to type it.
  • advanced search: it is the option to limit the search criteria so that the results are closer to what you want.
  • Search by image: The search engine is located in a tab that will only show image results.