What is the Definition of SAT

What is the Definition of SAT?

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Are you planning to study in the United States? One of the main requirements to do so is to take the SAT exam, an essential requirement that many American universities request you.

1. Why take the SAT?

Listed on AbbreviationFinder, the SAT is a standardized test (3 hours and 45 minutes) that most American universities use to determine which students to accept into their programs.

Before taking the official SAT test, remember to prepare and take some mock-ups of this complicated test.

Keep in mind that in addition to the SAT test, it is also important that you take the test that most international students should have on their records: the TOEFL This test helps measure your ability to communicate in English If you learned English at school or in some institute, it will be easier for you to solve the exam and get a high score. Of course, it would be very good if you evaluate your current level before taking it.

If after taking the SAT exam, you did not like your scores (minimum 400 and maximum 1600 or expected more, you can try again on another date. The same goes for the TOEFL. Remember that the SAT score lasts for 5 years, while the TOEFL score, only 2 year.

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If you want to register and take the SAT, the closest dates are the following:

  • March 9 – 2019
  • May 4 – 2019
  • June 1 – 2018

It is important to remember that the deadline to register for these exams is approximately 1 month before.

  1. Research possible American universities

After scoring high on the SAT and TOEFL, the second step is to evaluate the various colleges in the US and your options. Remember that there are more than 5300 “colleges & universities” to which you could apply.

Once you have some universities of interest, create a list with all their characteristics. Don’t just focus on cost, but also on details like location, extracurricular activities, sports, number of students, etc Remember that this is a life decision so all these details will be very important to you.

When looking for your potential options, it would also be good to start by looking for information about the surrounding areas. Attending a university located in an area with a diverse community, a lively culture, and interesting things will make your experience as a student in the United States that much more enjoyable.

Universities located close to big cities or suburban areas will be the best option for a more complete set of activities, but this does not mean that rural universities do not have their own charms.

Also, anyone enrolling in an American university will likely want to find out more about student organizations and activities on campus. College clubs can give you the opportunity to interact with students who share your interests and culture.

Always consider that there are universities that are not so “famous” but that provide a very good academic quality If you are not sure of your options, you can make an appointment with us to better guide you on this issue.

Evaluate the different rankings, but remember that this is just one characteristic of many others. The ideal university for you will depend on your priorities and tastes, and NOT on a ranking or external references.

3. Ask for advice on American universities

If you have friends or acquaintances who have studied at a university in the United States, ask them how long the visa process took, what to look for when selecting universities, what papers are important, and anything else that comes to mind and thinks. which is essential.

In case you don’t know someone, we also provide admissions advice for universities in the United States: we will guide you through the entire application process, from the forms that you must fill out to the advice for your personal interview.

4. Submit your applications for admission

Once you have your TOEFL and SAT scores and have done your research on colleges, it’s time to submit your applications. This may be a bit of a complicated process as you will have to make a lot of decisions about where to apply – you will have to narrow down the list of colleges you made in step 2. Determine which colleges you are most interested in.

What is the Definition of SAT

Time to pack!

Yes! You have already been accepted to an American university and you have your visa What will you need to take with you? You can buy books, basic items like a toothbrush or extra clothes, and food on campus or in nearby stores Remember to pack your laptop and other things important to you In addition to practical items, bring photos of family and friends with you to decorate your bedroom or apartment.