What is Informal Letter

What is the Definition of Informal Letter?


What is Informal Letter?

An informal letter is addressed to a person you know in a context of friendship or trust, being your family message .

Informal letters are written to congratulate, invite or tell a person about whom you have close ties.

The message types of informal letters are personal and friendly, as they are addressed to people we know.

In English it is translated as informal letter.

Characteristics of an informal letter

Informal letters are characterized by using colloquial language, which implies a relationship or complicity between the sender and the recipient.

The structure of informal letters are also freer than formal letters, and their length is also undefined. This is the ideal type of letter to send to your closest friends and family.

Parts of an informal letter

An informal letter, as such, does not need a structure but it is suggested to incorporate the following elements that make up the parts of a letter:

  • Place and date: it is convenient to indicate the place and date at the beginning of the letter to contextualize the message, for example, “Santiago, June 24, 2018”.
  • Greeting: As the letter heading, the sender is named and the degree of proximity is displayed, for example “My dear friend”, usually followed by a colon (:).
  • Body: in the next paragraph after the greeting, the matter to be discussed is exposed. The content must obey the general drafting rules, organized in introduction, development and conclusion.
  • Farewell: Friendly courtesy modes such as “Greetings” or “A big kiss” are used, usually followed by a comma (,).
  • Signature: the letter is finished by placing the name of the sender, that is, the one who sends the letter.

Examples of an informal letter

An informal letter requires that both the sender and the recipient know each other and have a certain degree of intimacy with each other as well. Here is an example of an informal letter to thank a friend from school:

Puebla, June 22, 2020

Hello Friend:

I wanted to thank you, with all my heart, for the help the other day, with the biology subject. Without you, perhaps the teacher and my parents would have already punished me for life.

I hope you can go to my house more times, and this time, instead of studying, we can play that robot game that you told me about. I’ll see you in class!

Give me five!

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What is Informal Letter