What is the Definition of Indoctrination?


Indoctrination is the process and the result of indoctrination: transmitting a doctrine to a person to make it their own. A doctrine, on the other hand, is made up of ideas and beliefs that are defended by an individual or by a group of people.

Indoctrination, according to Digopaul, is a practice that seeks to instill certain thoughts in people. To fulfill his objectives, he appeals to different actions until the indoctrinated assimilate and incorporate the ideas in question.

The social groups that hold power are usually considered to carry out the indoctrination of the dominated classes as a mechanism of social control, to preserve their place of privilege without resorting to violence. In this way, the bourgeoisie of a nation can promote the indoctrination of the population by promoting a political party that defends its interests in a veiled manner. Thus the citizens who are under domination will not fight for a real change in conditions, since they are convinced of supporting the political party that, in reality, is functional to the bourgeoisie.

It is possible to distinguish between education and indoctrination according to its effects on the individual. While education is committed to providing the knowledge necessary for the person to gain autonomy from the development of their own judgment, indoctrination seeks to nullify the criticism of the subject and that the subject repeat the information provided.

In this sense, we can expose that it is determined that indoctrination is based on the following pillars: – A
commitment to isolate the individual, that is, because he disconnects from the reality that is closest to him and because he does not come to tolerate or know what they are other ideas or forms of expression.
-It consists of imposing and not educating.
-It is radical, insofar as it considers that to reach a goal there is only one possible path and that the other alternatives that are established or exist are absolutely wrong. Hence, it is considered to be a way to clearly and forcefully end diversity and tolerance.

Specifically, based on all the foregoing, there are experts and scholars on indoctrination who indicate that it is synonymous with ridiculing, forcing, imposing and penalizing.

The totalitarian movements and sects are two of the corporations that use the indoctrination to attract new followers and to reproduce them deal with their doctrine.

Precisely in this sense we can highlight that much was said about the indoctrination carried out by the Nazis in children, especially. They were in charge of what was known as Hitler Youth and they developed different measures that were based on the following pillars: – They
exalted the Nordic races and more accurately the Aryans.
-They denigrated the Jews, because they considered them inferior. That is, they extolled anti-Semitism and racism.
-They taught love towards the leader, Adolf Hitler.
-They stressed the value of obedience to the State and even the importance of militarism.
-They emphasized highlighting the existence of a German national community.