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What is the Definition of Health Center?

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Center, a term that comes from the Latin centrum, is a concept with multiple meanings. It can be the interior point equidistant from the limits of a surface, the place where coordinated actions converge, the areas that register intense commercial activity or the place where people gather for a specific purpose.

Health, on the other hand, is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. The notion transcends the absence of diseases and refers to the level of functional and metabolic efficiency of an organism.

According to abbreviationfinder, a health center is a building for the health care of the population. The type of care activity and the qualifications of the personnel may vary according to the center and the region.

Typically, the health center has the work of clinical doctors, pediatricians, nurses and administrative staff. Other types of professionals, such as social workers and psychologists, may also be involved, allowing the number of services to be expanded.

All this without forgetting that in many health centers there is also an emergency service to be able to attend to emergencies that occur. In this way, the person, made up of doctors and nurses, will not only offer assistance and care in the health facility itself but also at home and even in any other type of place where it is necessary for him to go.

The important advancement of technology and, specifically, the great use that it is being made of at the health level, for the well-being of citizens, has led to the existence of what has been called in some corners of the world virtual health centers.

We can say that, as their name indicates, they are spaces on the Internet where anyone can receive information and help related to their health. In Spain, specifically in the autonomous community of Extremadura, this aforementioned service is offered, which becomes a platform where a neighbor can from knowing which are the closest health centers to requesting an appointment to go to the doctor through obtaining data related to the periods of vaccinations.

The health center is usually a place for primary care. In the event that the patient requires more complete, complex or specific care, he is referred to another type of place, such as a hospital or health care.

This means that, in some countries, health centers are known as primary care centers. The experts from these centers therefore work in the basic health area. These types of establishments are very frequent in remote or low-income regions, as they constitute immediate health and social containment.

In addition to all the above, it must also be emphasized that there are health centers that are specialized in a specific area of ​​this branch. Thus, for example, there are mental health units that have spaces such as the administrative unit, the area for the mentally handicapped or the long-stay psychiatric unit.

Health Center