What is the Definition of Feature?


Feature is understood as a distinctive quality or feature that describes a person or something, be it an object, a set of objects, a place or a situation, and highlights it over a set of similar.

It comes from the French character , a word that in turn comes from the Greek charaktēristikós ( grχαρακτηριστικός ). This term is formed from the Greek root kharax , which means ‘brand’, the word ter , which means ‘agent’ and the suffix ico, means ‘relative to’.

In this way, feature can be understood as the brand that distinguishes a certain agent within a set of similar elements or of the same species. In other words, a feature accounts for the character of the referenced.

An object, a situation or a person can have more than one distinctive characteristic. All these characteristics allow us to understand their essential quality or their state at a given time.

The features may be qualities, abilities, physical traits or psychological traits. As an example, we can refer to the following phrases, “The representation of light effects through color is a characteristic of impressionist art”; “José has delighted us again with his characteristic sympathy”; “The visual feature that distinguishes zebras from other horses is their striped fur.”

You can also talk about something featured, in which case the grammatical form changes. For example: “The use of chili is feature of Mexican food.”

Technology feature

It refers to the set of elements that describe the appearance and functions that a machine can fulfill.

Feature in Mathematics

In mathematics, the word feature refers to the entire part of a given logarithm.