Cyber Monday

What is the Definition of Cyber Monday?


Birthdays, weddings, Christmas or Easter – there are plenty of occasions to give gifts to one another. Bargain days like the famous Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday seem particularly attractive. On these days, many things are offered at exceptionally low prices, in almost all product categories.

  • Cyber Monday offers customers the opportunity to buy many products online at high discounts.
  • Many online retailers take part on Cyber Monday, for example the online retail giant Amazon.
  • The offline counterpart to Cyber Monday is Black Friday.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is a special online shopping day on which a large number of online retailers want to encourage potential customers to buy with numerous special offers and high discounts . On the one hand, the term “cyber” stands for the shopping channel that takes place online. On the other hand, it describes the focus of the sales day, which is on technology products. However, products from other categories are also offered at bargain prices.

Cyber Monday is the online trade counterpart to Black Friday , which is also held annually and focuses on special offers in local shops . Both shopping days originally come from the USA, but have long been a popular day for bargain hunters in this country and in many other European countries. What’s more, they have almost become a synonym for bargain offers. Cyber Monday has the advantage that customers can avoid long queues in the store and shop around the clock.

When is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the last day of the so-called Cyber Week , which takes place every year between the end of November and the beginning of December. It begins on the Monday before Thanksgiving , the US counterpart to the German harvest festival, and culminates in Cyber Monday.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday kick off the Christmas sale. Many people take advantage of the special offers to get gifts for friends and family at a good price around a month before Christmas and thus avoid the stress of shopping just before the holidays.

Recognize real bargains

But be careful: the savings shown do not always correspond to reality. Since the discount percentages mostly refer to the manufacturer’s recommended retail price, providers sometimes present their supposed bargains better than they actually are . After all, hardly any online retailer offers products at the manufacturer’s price. Many electronic devices or other products are also otherwise cheaper than buying them at the manufacturer’s price.

Nevertheless, the prices on Cyber Monday are often still lower. On the annual bargain day, if you compare prices before you buy, you will know how many percent you will actually save – and discover the real special offers at first glance. A little research and a price comparison in advance can pay off, especially with large purchases.

If the purchased item does not meet the expectations, every buyer in Germany has a 14-day right of withdrawal guaranteed by the legislator . However, the return costs must be taken into account, which the buyer often has to bear himself.

Cyber Monday from Amazon: Advantages as a Prime customer

The online retailer Amazon also attracts countless customers every year with its Cyber Monday offers. The company is already offering many special offers for the preceding Cyber Week – called Cyber Monday week at Amazon. Amazon gives priority to customers with a Prime membership. You have access to many offers a little earlier than customers without Prime.

In addition, Amazon has created its own annual shopping day, which always takes place in mid-July : Prime Day. On this day, many offers from all possible product categories are available to all customers who have a Prime membership. Customers who have initially taken out a Prime trial membership can also take advantage of the offers. In addition, there are daily lightning offers at Amazon , where the buyer can purchase selected items in limited numbers over a short period of time at an offer price.

Cyber Monday