What is the Definition of Crack?


Crack is a term of the English language that is used in various ways in our language. The concept is often used to name a person who stands out for his talent or his ability. For example: “Roger Federer is the biggest crack I have ever seen”, “Every team needs a crack that makes the difference”, “As a whole we don’t have any cracks, but we all strive to achieve a solid performance ”.

The soccer player Lionel Messi, the basketball player LeBron James, the tennis player Novak Djokovic, the runner Usain Bolt and the swimmer Michael Phelps are some athletes considered cracks. The cracks usually become idols and achieve great economic gains for prizes and publicity.

The Swiss Roger Federer is a star of the sport.

A special talent

According to, this term is often used to praise someone who has a special talent in a field other than their own, although this is not a strict condition. For example, a person without computer skills can say to his friend “You’re a crack!” to thank him for repairing his computer, to express his admiration and fascination with his performance with electronic devices.

Some of the crack synonyms that can be used in everyday speech are “master, master, the best, the best” and “incredible”. Depending on the region and age group, there are many more, and they always refer to a great capacity or a very marked natural talent in the individual who receives them. In Argentina, for example, when faced with a display of skill in a specific field by a close person, we can say “You have it very clear”, meaning that she “knows how to move very clearly in that field.”

Stock market crash

In the field of finance, one speaks of a crack to refer to the abrupt drop in the prices of most of the shares that trade on the stock market. These setbacks occur when shareholders react with fear to certain news or actions and begin to sell the shares, stopping buying others.

This causes prices to crash, as does trading volume. The Crack of 29, which affected the United States in 1929, is one of the best known in history.

When stocks fall sharply, a crash occurs.

A very addictive drug

Crack is called, on the other hand, a drug that is made by mixing cocaine with baking soda and water, forming a stone. When this stone is heated, part of the cocaine evaporates and a noise characterized by the onomatopoeia “crack” is generated.

Crack, which quickly generates addiction, causes feelings of panic and euphoria in the consumer, who also begins to suffer from insomnia. The addict may suffer from various types of psychiatric and physical problems.

The concept of crack in computing

In the field of computing, this name is known as a patch for a program that is created without the developers giving their authorization. A patch is usually an update that has the purpose of correcting certain errors in the original code, which is distributed by means of an automatic download; however, in the case of crack, we are dealing with an illegal tactic that is associated with piracy.

It is normal that as part of the structure of a commercial program some type of protection against unauthorized copies is included, to prevent its free distribution. Precisely, one of the main objectives of the computer crack is to bypass this security measure, after which it is possible to use the product without paying for it. Within the family of this term we find cracking or cracking, a verb that is used to refer to the process involved in said crime, or to crack a password with which it is possible to access the paid functions of a software.