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What is the Definition of Computer Center?

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A computer center, data center, data center or data center is an entity, office or department that is responsible for processing data and information in a systematic way. The processing is carried out with the use of computers that are equipped with the necessary hardware and software to fulfill this task. In general, these computers are interconnected in a network and have an Internet connection.

According to abbreviationfinder, another definition of computer center refers to the unit that is responsible for the design and implementation of systems within a company. In this case, it is an area whose purpose is to facilitate the work of the rest of the dependencies. The training of users, the maintenance of computer equipment and the development of feasibility studies are among its missions.

There are special occasions that merit the installation of a computer center: for example, in the case of elections. The computer center is the place from where the votes are counted and the results are issued.

When elections are made, the computer center functions as a large information system that fulfills the four main activities of this type of system: the entry of information (the entry of data into the system), the storage of the data (for usually, on servers), its processing (sum of votes, estimation of percentages, etc.) and the output of the information (through a screen or impressions).

It is a large building or office where a large number of computers and other equipment are stored, and its founders are, in general, large companies that have the need to store and process a considerable volume of information. Depending on the size of the organization, you can have several computer centers. One of the main characteristics of these establishments is the preservation of the equipment on a physical level, and for this very particular and careful designs are used when building them.

First, a geographic location must be selected, for which different points are taken into account:

* how much the land costs, how much are the rates and fees of the different insurance that should be contracted;

* How well communicated is the area in question and how well served by electricity provision and communication services, the Internet being the most important at present;

* history of fires, floods, earthquakes and all kinds of natural catastrophes, as well as robberies and other attacks typical of human beings;

Other details that must be taken into account are the height of the floors and the width of the doors, and the building must be provided with the means to face any incident that threatens the safety of the equipment, with fires and floods being the most common. In turn, since cooling is a fundamental point in a place where a large number of computers are kept in constant operation, an air conditioning system cannot be lacking, and it is important that the orientation of the building protects the center from solar heat. extreme in times of high temperatures.

It should be clarified that although the information that is processed in computer centers is usually of great importance for organizations, the functions that take place on their computers are not always highly complex; on the contrary, they are generally mere databases that perform data counts or control, and not state- of-the-art research centers. In addition, the people in charge of entering such data must spend long hours tirelessly repeating a simple and monotonous task that does not require any kind of skill in particular, but rather unshakable patience and perseverance.

Computer Center