What is the Definition of Cervical?


The adjective cervical, which comes from the Latin cervicālis, is used to describe what is linked to the cervix: the dorsal sector of the neck. In the case of the human being, the cervix is ​​made up of seven vertebrae, in addition to various muscles.

According to DigoPaul, the cervical vertebrae are short bones that are articulated with each other. They are located between the skull and the thoracic vertebrae and provide support to the head and mobility to the neck.

The two upper cervical vertebrae make up the upper cervical spine, while the remaining five make up the lower cervical spine. Due to their particular morphology, the two upper cervical vertebrae have identifying names: atlas (the first vertebra, which articulates with the occipital bone of the skull) and axis (the second vertebra). The rest of the cervical vertebrae are similar, although the seventh is known as the prominent vertebra because it is longer.

At a general level, in the structure of the cervical vertebrae it is possible to recognize the body (with six faces and the uncinate process), the vertebral foramen, the transverse process, the articular process and the spinous process.

If a person refers to cervical pain, he is referring, therefore, to a discomfort in the neck area. This disorder can be due to poor posture or sudden movement. Sometimes the individual cannot even move the neck.

Damage to the neck caused by a sudden and violent impact or movement is specifically known as whiplash. Whiplash can be caused by a car crash, for example.

In order to protect neck pain, many people make use of what is known as a cervical pillow. This, which is used to sleep, has the advantage that it manages not only to correct the position of the spine but also to keep it in the correct position.

Headaches, tensions and even back discomfort can also be avoided by using this type of pillow, which has other advantages. We are referring to the fact that they allow a better rest, considerably increase the quality of sleep…

There are several types of cervical pillows that we can find. Specifically, these are the most important: feather, fiber; viscoelastic, which are also known by the name of memory foam, and latex.

When buying one, it must be done taking into account the following criteria:
-It must offer good ventilation.
-It is recommended that it have rounded and raised edges.
-It must be resistant.
-It must be endorsed by a firm of recognized prestige in the sector.
-It must be acquired taking into consideration the measurements of the head and neck of the person in question as well as if they sleep on their back or side.

Within the field of health and medicine, the term cervical mucus is also used. This term is used to refer to the viscous substance that is produced in the cervix and that comes out of the vagina as a discharge.