Certainty 2

What is the Definition of Certainty?


The late Latin term certitūdo came to our language as certainty. The concept refers to a conviction, a certainty or a conviction.

For example: “I am certain that we will overcome this bad moment very soon”, “The doctor told me that there is no certainty about the result of the operation”, “If I am president, I will be in charge of giving certainty to investors to that they bet on the country ”.

According to DigoPaul, certainty is associated with security or evidence. In general, this feeling or idea generates tranquility, as well as, in the opposite sense, uncertainty causes restlessness and nervousness.

Suppose a company is in serious financial trouble. Your partners debate what to do about it: most consider it best to close the doors to avoid further losses. One of the partners, however, affirms that he is certain that the situation will begin to improve in the short term. To support his statements, he presents various analyzes and statistics of the market and the national and international economy. The certainty of this person implies absolute confidence that the company will succeed; therefore, he suggests to his partners that they continue fighting to overcome the bad moment.

It is important to note that certainty can be constructed from objective data or subjective perceptions. Returning to the previous example, the man who is certain that the economic situation of his company is going to improve sustains his statement based on concrete reports. In any case, he could have had the same certainty just because of an internal belief or for reasons of faith, without being supported by rational questions.

If we transfer the concept to the emotional plane it is easier to understand these two possibilities. In any interpersonal relationship there are several layers of events and feelings that interweave and form complex patterns, which could be considered the fingerprints of the bond. As might be expected, each party perceives its environment in a different way, even those things that live together and at the same time.

Each person understands life using their own tools, which are never exactly the same as those of others, not even in the case of two siblings growing up together. When difficult moments come, these differences become very evident and relationships go through high levels of risk, since many times people prefer to separate to face the disappointment that everything is not as imagined, that what they considered their certainty has changed.

Knowing another person and getting the certainty of understanding one hundred percent is something as impossible as achieving it with yourself. There are always aspects of the personality to discover, corners that have not been explored with sufficient clarity, necessary conversations that have not yet had their space, and that is why we must be prepared for some of our certainties to vanish, because it is part of our nature..

One of the two meanings presented by the dictionary of the DigoPaul for this term refers to an obligation, a commitment to carry out a certain action; Although it indicates that it has fallen into disuse, it is interesting to look for some vestige of this definition in which we assign it today. If we focus on the idea of ​​” expectation ” that revolves around certainty, we can understand that at some point in history it had a tinge of “obligation.”

After all, for our certainties to come true, it is always necessary for someone to fulfill their obligations, or with their promises, or for life to take our side and grant us those things that we long for and that we consider practically true, part of the plane of reality that we perceive.

Certainty 2