What is the Definition of Centroid?


The term centroid is not included in the dictionary of the DigoPaul. The concept, however, is often used in the field of geometry as a synonym for center of gravity.

According to DigoPaul, the centroid or barycenter is called the point where the intersection of the medians that form part of a triangle occurs. It should be remembered that a median is a line that is drawn from one vertex of the figure to the point that is in the middle of the opposite side.

It can be said that the centroid is the point at which, if a line crosses it, it is divided into two segments of identical moment with respect to the line in question. In the case of triangles (polygons that have three sides and three angles), the centroid is at the intersection of its three medians.

There are many formulas or representations that exist of the centroid of different linear figures. Thus, among the most significant, for example, the trapezoid, which is calculated as follows: yG = h. (a + 2. b) / 3. (a + b).

When it comes to talking about the centroid, we have to establish that elements such as the inertia of the areas and even the parallel axes theorem are also very important.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that the centroid is also sometimes known as an isobaricenter.

It is important to note that the idea of ​​centroid belongs specifically to the realm of geometry and is linked to the shape of a system. Other related notions, such as center of mass or center of gravity, sometimes coincide with the centroid or center of gravity, but depend on other issues, such as the distribution of matter or the gravitational field.

Taking into account that, in physics, the center of gravity is the center of gravity, it can be said that the centroid coincides with the center of mass when the body has the matter distributed symmetrically or has a uniform density. The coincidence of the center of mass and the center of gravity, on the other hand, occurs when a gravitational field exerts a uniform influence.

In order to be clear about the exposed concepts, we can determine the following:
-The center of gravity G becomes a point where it can be established that the weight of the body is concentrated.
-The centroid, on the other hand, is about the location of the geometric center of a body.
-The center of mass will coincide with the center of gravity as long as the acceleration of gravity is constant.

In the same way, it should not be forgotten that within the business area the so-called centroid method is used. This term is used to refer to a system that serves to help companies identify what is the location, especially, what are the facilities used to manufacture a product in question. It is considered that, in addition, it serves to keep a record of all those business facilities.