What is Carro

What is the Definition of Carro?


What is Carro?

Carro is a wheeled vehicle formerly used to transport goods and people.

The word car derives from Latin carrus, which in turn is suspected to come from Celtic as it literally means “Celtic two-wheeled car.” The cart refers to a trolley-like means of transport with two extensions at the opposite end of the wheels so that a person or an animal can hold and drive the cart to transport things with less effort and more quickly.

Carro is used in the countries of the Caribbean, Central America, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico to refer to a motorized vehicle synonymous with an automobile.

Myth of the winged chariot

The myth or allegory of the winged chariot was described in Plato’s book of Phaedrus to explain the tripartite nature of the soul.

Plato describes a chariot with a charioteer or driver and two winged horses. The charioteer is the reason that must drive and balance the forces between the good, beautiful and in turn irascible but allied with reason and the bad, ugly, insolent horse that likes to oppose but attracts.

The soul is the whole of the chariot drawn by the two winged horses that represents the soul’s ability to fly beyond the sky, coming to contemplate the pure things that are ideas. When the horse’s wings are broken the soul falls to the Earth and incarnates in a body.

Within a body, souls must find harmony through reason as the only one that manages to reach the invisible and intangible world and impregnate the individual with justice.

What is Carro