What is Caravan

What is the Definition of Caravan?


What is Caravan?

Caravan comes from the Persian kāruān which means a procession of people who travel together by camels, horses or other vehicles generally in line.

A caravan is characterized by its arrangement in a row or row, therefore it can refer to either humans, herbivores or vehicles stopped by traffic on a highway.

The term caravan has been used as social movements to demand, demand, mobilize or show a position on some issue such as, for example, the human rights caravan, the cultural caravan in defense of Mother Earth, the caravan for peace and justice or the caravan of the indigenous peoples of Oaxaca, etc.

The caravan is also called a closed trailer vehicle furnished with the basics of a home, which is why it is also called a “motor home”.

In Mexico, a caravan is also used to refer to a bow, reverence or inclination of respect.

What is Caravan