What is the Definition of Capicúa?


As capicúa, also known in mathematics as a palindrome number, that numerical succession that can be read right and backwards is known, always resulting in the same figure, such as: 121, 7447, 18981. Thus, its fundamental characteristic is symmetry .

Because capicúa numbers are a rarity, they have been attributed a set of meanings or superstitions. For example, there are those who consider that when a capicua number appears, whether in the hour, in tickets or tickets, in identification numbers, it is of good luck. In fact, some collectors are dedicated to collecting all documents or papers that have this feature.

Likewise, it is also called capicúa or, more precisely, palindrome, to all that word to which this same principle can be applied, that is, it can be read to the right and vice versa resulting in the same word. For example: Ana, asa, bear, beings, we are, we submit, recognize, arepera, etc.

The word capicúa, as such, comes from the Catalan cap-i-cua , which means ‘head and tail’.

Capicúa in dominoes

In the game of dominoes , the winning play is called capicúa in which the player has the option of placing the last chip on either end.