What is the Definition of Brush?


A brush is a cleaning instrument that has a handle and a base with bristles. The user must take the brush by its handle and drag the bristles over the surface to be cleaned, so that they remove dirt as they pass.

There are different types of brush depending on their use. One of the most popular is the brush used to sweep the floor. It is usually used together with a shovel that allows to collect dust and the rest of the particles that accumulate when sweeping.

The toothbrush, as its name implies, is used for oral hygiene. On the bristles of these brushes, toothpaste or toothpaste is placed, a chemical that contributes to the cleaning of the teeth and gums.

The hygiene mouth is one of the most necessary habits, since its implementation depends on the health of our mouth and care of our image. In this case we are not talking about a merely aesthetic question; Tooth, gum and tongue disorders are often accompanied by an unpleasant odor, and this conditions the social performance of those who suffer from them, both personally and professionally.

In general, the learning stage of tooth brushing technique is not easy for children; This is partly due to the fact that the motor skills necessary to successfully overcome it is relatively complex, perhaps greater than what they are used to using. However, it is of great importance that parents teach their children to brush their teeth after every meal and that they insist on the need to maintain hygiene throughout life.

Although the pride of some individuals would not allow them to admit in public that they do not know how to use a toothbrush properly, the truth is that most people do not learn a well-defined procedure, and that is why they neglect certain areas despite washing teeth every day.

One of the main tips from dentists is to use a soft bristle brush and never use excessive force, as this does not result in more effective cleaning but in deterioration of the product. In addition to the surface of the teeth, both the exterior and the interior, it is necessary to massage the area where they join the gums to try to remove the most stubborn food remains.

Regardless of the technique used, the base that is applied to all is to brush each and every one of the teeth, on all their faces, without rushing, without pressing too hard, enjoying the process and being aware of the results that we will obtain. On the other hand, we must replace the brush every three or four months, depending on the wear of the bristles, and use a good quality toothpaste.

When a person wants to comb and detangle their hair, they can use a specially designed brush to run it over the head. By gently sliding it through the hair, the bristles allow the hair to be smoothed.

It is important to mention that the bristles of the brushes can be made with natural hair of an animal or be synthetic fibers. In the case of hairbrushes, for example, they may have boar hair bristles or nylon bristles.

On the other hand, a box that is used to collect alms or donations is called a stocks or brush. These brushes are usually installed in churches and have a lock to ensure that only those who have the corresponding key can extract the money.