What is the Definition of Boomerang?


The boomerang is a throwing weapon that launched with rotating movements can return to the starting point. The boomerang is a weapon that comes from the Australian aborigines, that is why the word boomerang derives from the English “boomerang” exact translation of the Aboriginal pronunciation.

The boomerang can be a weapon made of different materials, among which is: wood, aluminum, plastic, cardboard, and so on. The boomerang has a measure of approximately 50 centimeters and has a slight curve in the middle part of its structure, is in the form of an obtuse angle and is made up of several curved blades, giving rise to various forms of boomerang: in V, W and , some weapons with many blades as a star shape.

The boomerang was used in battles and hunting activities, therefore, the fundamental functions of the boomerang are to stun and harass the enemy, as well as kill small animals.

For a good launch of the boomerang it must be taken in an upright position, with the flat part out, near the face of the shooter and a few centimeters above the head of the same. Then, if you are sure of your position, you must take forward momentum with force, taking into account the direction of the wind and the rotation necessary for the boomerang to be returned except if it adheres to the object.

At present, the boomerang is seen as a sport, there are championships at an international level, in which the referee must evaluate different characteristics such as: accuracy, speed, how to catch it, the number of times he was caught, the maximum air time, long distance, among other peculiarities.

Life is a boomerang

The expression “life is a boomerang” or “boomerang effect” focuses on the actions of the human being, that is, all the actions, thoughts, feelings, that the human being sows are positive or negative, return to the life of the individual and sometimes multiplied. That is why the human being must perform good actions and always maintain positive thoughts to attract only positive facts in the course of life.

Likewise, the human being must always do good without looking at who, taking into account that everything that he reaps in life will be returned sooner or later, that is, if he reaps the good he will receive the good, otherwise he will receive the evil.