What is the Definition of Award?


Award, originating from the Latin adiudicatĭo, is the action and effect of adjudging (appropriating something, obtaining, conquering, declaring that a thing corresponds to a person or organization).

The adjudication is the judicial act that consists of the attribution of a thing (movable or immovable) to a person through an auction, bidding or hereditary partition. The winner of the process, therefore, is awarded the property and becomes its owner or responsible. For example: “The dealership reported this morning the award of the cars that will be delivered during the month”, “I want to be attentive to the award of tickets to see if we can travel next week”.

In the case of proceeding to undertake the judicial adjudication process of a specific property, it is important to make it clear that it is necessary to carry out the presentation of a series of documentation in order for it to be granted. Specifically, we would have to talk about the corresponding application, the registration history, a sketch, the record of the registration or the payment of the acquisition right.

When we talk about inheritances and adjudication processes, it must be made clear and patent that the corresponding heir does not need to have any type of public deed before the notary to be able to adjudicate those.

For the Public Administration, the award is an administrative act with various procedural formalities that consists of the assignment of a contract for the provision of services or the acquisition of goods: “The government announced the award of the works to the company of the engineer López”, “The mayor assured that the award will be defined in the coming days. ”

In this sense, we cannot overlook the fact that the term adjudication with this meaning is also used within the teaching field. And it is that when the course is going to start, it is usual for the corresponding public administration to be in charge of proceeding with the award acts by which the destinations corresponding to the different teachers and teachers who do not yet have a fixed place in a population.

Within the educational field, and specifically with regard to the university area, it must be borne in mind that students who want to start a career in a specific faculty must know that there will be a process for the allocation of places. In it, it will be established, for example, that among the criteria for deciding which students will join it, both the grades obtained in the entrance exams and the established admission grades will be established.

For international law, adjudication is the acquisition of sovereignty over a certain territory based on the decision of a court or other competent body.

In everyday language, the notion of awarding is linked to getting something: “The Spanish tennis player won the trophy after beating the Italian in three sets”, “The award of the Italy Cup is the team’s main objective for this season”, “The golfer was one step away from winning the tournament. ”