What is the Definition of Attic?


Attic can refer to a window located on the roof of a house or the highest part of a building or house, immediately to the roof, arranged as a room or warehouse.

Attic, as such, is the diminutive of buharda. Buharda derives from a scarf, which was the name given to a vent that used to be made in houses to let smoke out.

Thus, in architecture, the attic can refer to two different things. On the one hand, to the window that protrudes from the roof of a house, and that is used as an entrance of natural light or as an exit to the roof.

On the other hand, the attic is also the empty space that is left under the easel of the sloping roof of the house or building, which can be used as a dwelling, room or warehouse to store less used junk. In the latter case, it is also called loft.

Other possible ways to write this word are boardilla, attic or buharda.

Attic synonyms are tabuco, loft or dovecote. The opposite of a dormer would be the basement of a house or building.

In English, attic can be translated as attic . For example: ” I have uncovered treasures in its attic ” (he discovered treasures in his attic).