What is the Definition of Air?


The air is an element in which a gaseous mixture involves on Planet Earth, thereby forming the earth ‘s atmosphere, which is composed mainly of oxygen, then fewer nitrogen and finally few argon particles , along with little carbon dioxide.

The element of the air manages to remain around the planet Earth thanks to the action of the force of gravity staying in this way in the troposphere.

It is important to highlight the importance of air as well as water for life on planet Earth and the fundamental role it plays in the survival of human beings and living beings. Said gas mixture is transparent over short and medium distances.

The physical properties that characterize the air that is breathed are : volume, mass, density, atmospheric pressure, contraction and expansion thereof.

Together with the earth, fire and water, the air integrates the group of four elements, which since ancient times are addressed to explain issues that are linked to nature. Religions, rites and even the same astrology among others have addressed and continue to review the air element to explain some phenomena of nature.

It is also an active element, male, which has as a symbol a triangle that is pointing upward and is crossed entirely by a horizontal line.

Air conditioner

This expression is usually used to refer to refrigeration, however this is completely wrong, since as it deals with refrigeration it also has to do with heating, provided that the parameters of the atmosphere air are treated or conditioned.

The air conditioning is a procedure by which the ambient air treatment of the rooms that are inhabited is carried out, which consists in the regulation of the conditions in relation to the temperature (cold or heat), humidity , cleaning and the movement of air inside these premises.

Air pollution

It is a mixture between gases and solid particles that are in the air and that affect both the quality of life as well as the health of people living or living in a particular residence, city or country.

Some of these pollutants can be CO2 emissions, as well as chemical compounds used in factories, the excessive use of aerosols or certain gases pollute or damage the ozone layer, as well as the pollen itself and the dust that can be found in any environment

Similarly, there is ozone, a gas that can contaminate one or several locations and even entire cities, which is an aid in the formation or creation of smog, which is an air pollutant in large cities, as is the case with Mexico City.

Air humidity

It is the amount of water vapor that is present in the air, since it can appear both in a solid body, as in a wall, on the ground or even in the atmosphere itself.

It is also a factor that serves to evaluate the thermal capacity of a living body that moves in a specific or specific environment, which is widely used for biological studies such as the cultivation of a bacterium for example.

It is used to determine the ability of air to evaporate moisture from the skin, thanks to the body’s perspiration process.

Outdoors, pure air

It is very common to hear the expression outdoors in our day to day, and that is that in the everyday world this prayer is used to refer to that activity, meeting, meeting, which can be done outside an enclosed space, that is, it can be carried out in a park, on the street, in a square, among others, that is, when used outdoors it is to say that you will be in contact with nature or with the reality of the streets of a city and that the activity will not be carried out in a closed place as is customary in the current society.

It is very common to use it for picnics, a sports activity, as well as some spiritual retreat or meditation.

It is easy to relate the phrase open air with the term pure air, since it is used to say that it will be in direct contact with nature or that the activity will develop in an environment in which air that is breathed will be much purer than the which can be in the suburbs of the big cities, which means that the meeting or meeting will be in the mountains, or in a forest, on a beach or somewhere in nature where you can breathe a clean or free air any contamination

Compressed air

It is one that is at a pressure higher than atmospheric, which may occur thanks to the use or use of pumps or compressors that serve to compress the air.

Its most common use is that which is given to inflate the tires, but it is also used or widely used in car shops and service stations to move different devices or machines.

Saturated air

It is the air that is loaded with the maximum amount of water vapor that can hold at a certain pressure and temperature. It is what is known as the greatest amount of moisture possible (100% humidity).

The word aeration is conceptualized as the action and effect of aerating, and it is simply the way of saying that a place, a specific space was the object of ventilation, be it a room, a dwelling or even a vehicle.

Finally, when we talk about an aerodynamic object it is to refer to the object that enjoys a decrease in air resistance, which makes it faster and allows you to have greater speed when you make any movement or when you are simply in motion, like Formula 1 cars that are increasingly looking to improve their aerodynamics.