What is the Definition of Adosar?


Adosar is a verb that refers to adding something, placing it next to something or leaning on it. The concept derives from adosser, a word from the French language. However, it is considered that this, in turn, derives from Latin. Specifically, it is determined that it is the result of the sum of two Latin components:
-The prefix “ad-“, which means “towards”.
-The noun “dorsum”, which can be translated as “back”.

For example: “It is possible to attach a filter to the tap so that the water runs out without sediment”, “The government plans to attach an exclusive bicycle lane to the main avenues of the city”, “It is forbidden to attach elements to the bumpers of cars since, in the event of an accident, they would be dangerous for the rest of the vehicles ”.

Attachment can be physical or symbolic. If we go back to the first example we mentioned in this note, attaching a filter to a tap is a concrete action that involves adding a physical object (the filter) to another (the tap). Thus, when the person opens the tap, the water first passes through the filter and then comes out.

The same can be said regarding the addition of a bicycle lane in the avenues (a new lane is built, attached to the usual lanes of the avenue) and the prohibition of including elements in a bumper (in this case, it cannot be added an object to the device that already comes with the car since its manufacture).

Currently, the word adosar and its derived adjective “adosado” are used a lot to refer to a specific type of dwelling. Specifically, there is talk of semi-detached houses to refer to two or three that are next to each other. They usually have an elongated plant, they only have windows at the ends and they have become those that can be found in numerous residential neighborhoods.

If they have experienced remarkable growth in recent decades, it is because semi-detached houses are considered to be cheaper, include a large common area and manage to create a sense of community. On the contrary, they are blamed as something negative that they are not independent homes.

Also in the field of architecture, the term attached is used to refer to a column attached to a wall or other element of the building, both for reasons of stability and simple ornamentation.

Within the field of lighting, we find certain types of lights that are identified or characterized because they are literally attached to the ceiling or wall. It is, therefore, lights that manage to personalize any room to the maximum and thus adapt it to the needs that may be had in it.

You can also add symbolic things or immaterial issues. A sports journalist can claim that the coach of a soccer team tries to add more speed to the team through changes in the line-up and the application of a new tactic. The “speed” that is attached is not something that can be felt and is even difficult to measure.