What is the Definition of Admonition?


The Latin term admonitĭo came to Spanish as admonition. It is a synonym for warning: the act and the consequence of warning (scolding, lecturing, punishing or warning).

For example: “The admonition of the International Monetary Fund to the new government of the European country was immediate, ” “The manager promised that he would take into account the admonition of the auditor, ” “The admonitions of Pope Francis should not be ignored. ”

At the general level, an admonition is usually a criticism, a warning or a rebuke that is pronounced with the aim of correcting a behavior or to ensure that a certain fault does not occur again. These warnings can be carried out in different ways according to the context.

Take the case of a small business. When an employee is late twice in a row, the human resources manager gives him a verbal admonition, alerting the worker that if his tardies are repeated, he will be punished with a suspension. In this way, the person already knows that if he continues acting in this irresponsible way, his permanence in the company will be at risk.

According to Digopaul, this type of admonitions can also be found in the student environment, since the first years of formation are nothing more than a preparation for adult life, where structures govern us and we no longer have the supposed freedom that so many smiles draw us in the childhood.

Respect for schedules, completing tasks, passing an exam, paying attention to the words of teachers and discipline in dealing with others are some of the key points of coexistence at school, and the Failure to comply with any of them may give rise to a warning.

A journalist specialized in economic affairs can refer to the admonition of the markets to a certain government. This occurs when the president of a country threatens to carry out various nationalizations and the response of the financial markets is to promote a drop in the value of the shares originating in the nation in question. This devaluation of the shares is considered by the expert as an admonition: if the government finally carries out the nationalizations, the country will face financial difficulties.

In the field of religion, the term admonition can be used as a synonym for monition, which in this case is defined as a warning or a notice that the ecclesiastical authority carries out officially. A very common example occurs when two people are about to marry: the authorities of the church in which the union will be celebrated issues a public admonition so that if someone knows any reason why the marriage should not take place, they should make the relevant complaint.

On the other hand, throughout the celebration of the mass, it is possible to use this word to recognize certain points of the structure, such as the entrance, where the priest greets the parishioners and comments on the main objectives of the meeting, thus like any event that has taken place in recent days and that you want to propose for reflection; after this admonition (or monition), everyone must stand up to receive the ministers, generally singing a song.

Later, it is time for the Bible readings, and there must also be an admonition to prepare those present about the topics they will deal with, the teachings that they will try to transmit through the text. As you can see, in this context, the term admonition does not refer to a reprimand, but rather to an important announcement, to the act of pointing out something for others to pay special attention to.