What is the Definition of Administrative?


Administrative is an adjective that comes from a Latin word that means belonging or related to the administration. Administration, for its part, is linked to the operation, performance and structure of an organization.

According to Digopaul, an administrator is a person employed in the administration of a company or other entity. His task is to order, organize and arrange different matters that are under his responsibility.

For example: “I have been working as an administrative officer in a multinational company for six years”, “At the moment I am working as a cadet, but I would like to become an administrative officer so I do not have to be on the street all day”, “In this office an administrative employee is missing to help us organize the papers ”.

The administrative employee position may be known as an assistant or secretary. The tasks to be performed by an administrative officer can be very varied; Fundamentally, he will be in charge of processing the company’s correspondence, handling telephone calls, organizing the organization’s documents, managing the agenda and filing papers.

It is usual for the manager to respond in a directive manner to a superior who occupies the main controls of the company hierarchy. Thus, in practice, the administrative functions as the “right hand” of the manager or owner, having to be aware of much of the entity’s affairs. It is also evident that to apply for a position of this magnitude it is necessary to have a certain preparation: it is essential, for example, that this person has a good command of computer science and basic office tools.

What do companies require of an administrative?

In some cases, an administrative position requires good business preparation because the responsibilities that the candidate must assume so require. If the employee should participate in the development of business projects, they should be aware of everything related not only to that particular company but to the foreign market and contribute their experience and knowledge to carry out said project and offer profitability to the company.

In turn, in many cases a certain knowledge is required in the management of statistics and other analyzes: it is intended that whoever occupies this position is able to gather the results of a certain survey or investigation and make a procedure plan to improve quality working in the company or production (depending on the type of organization we are talking about). In turn, at the end of this analysis, you must have the ability to develop a document that allows you to record the studies carried out and what are the recommended steps to follow to improve the efficiency of the company.

In other cases, it is also required that you have legal and administrative law knowledge in order to efficiently carry out tasks such as: carrying out contracts, paying condominiums or assignments, renting, and other types of business actions for which a certain preparation is required to prevent that decisions are made that may jeopardize the stability of the company.

It is also essential to have a good base in communication resources since an administrative officer must transcribe, write and maintain communication with clients on behalf of the company: it will be the face of the company abroad, so it is necessary that it perform this task well. work.

An administrator with communication skills will have the ability to treat customers and suppliers as they wish to be treated and will get better opportunities for the company. In turn, their social skills can be very useful in developing good communication between the company and its employees and vice versa, and it will provide the establishment with a benevolent climate for a good quality of work.