What is the Definition of Acquisition?


The dictionary of the Digopaul provides for three uses for the word acquisition, a word that comes from the Latin term adquisitĭo: the action to get a certain thing, the thing itself has been acquired and the person whose services or intervention are widely valued.

Among the examples that we could use to better understand the term that concerns us are the phrases that we expose below: “The owner of the company struggled a lot to obtain the acquisition of the land annexed to his industry”; “The art expert was congratulated by those present for the acquisition of Van Gogh’s painting” or “The new managing director has been praised by the owner of the company for being the best acquisition for the future of the company.”

The verb to acquire refers to the fact of gaining or obtaining something through one’s own work or effort. It can also be synonymous with buying (by means of money) and achieving or achieving. In the field of law, to acquire is to take a thing as one’s own property provided that it does not belong to anyone or that it has been transferred for profit or consideration, or by prescription.

In the business world, an acquisition is understood as the purchase that a legal person makes of the controlling share package of another company, without merging their respective assets. It is an economic decision, which involves an investment.

The acquisition of a company or business venture can be carried out by a strategic buyer, who intends to consolidate in the market, or by a financial buyer, whose purpose is to acquire a firm to increase its value and then be able to market it for a higher amount..

In this aforementioned business environment, it must be emphasized that, in a habitual way, the expression “mergers and acquisitions of companies” (M&A) is used, which includes all these financial operations, both combination and purchase, as well as other companies well what are the assets.

An action that has the clear objective of achieving greater value for the buying industry. However, it is also carried out for other issues of great importance such as bargains, the motivations of the entrepreneurs and managers themselves or financial synergy.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that linguistics and psychology speak of language acquisition, an area of ​​study that focuses on the way in which a baby acquires language. Others believe that people are born with an innate ability to learn to speak, while other specialists think that this learning is a cultural phenomenon that is based on imitation. Noam Chomsky and Jean Piaget are some of the scholars who were in charge of analyzing the acquisition of language.

The latter figure that bequeathed to us a series of theories on learning, such as the Cognitive Theory, which brings us closer to how, from childhood to adolescence, there are a series of stages depending on the cognitive development of the individual. Specifically, this period is divided into a sensorimotor, pre-operational, concrete operations and formal operations stage. And all of them are supported by two actions on the part of him: adaptation and assimilation.