Complete androgen resistance

What is the Definition of CAR?

According to abbreviationfinder,  CAR stands for Complete androgen resistance. Doctors understand complete androgen resistance to be a mutation that produces female phenotypes from male Karotypes. Patients have a blind vagina and their testicles are affected by testicular dystopia. The testicles are removed before the age of 20 to reduce the risk of degeneration. What is Complete Androgen […]

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pituitary insufficiency

What is the Definition of PI?

According to abbreviationfinder, PI stands for pituitary insufficiency. Pituitary insufficiency is an underfunction of the pituitary gland. Since messenger substances for other hormone glands are produced in the pituitary gland, there is a general hormone deficiency in the event of insufficiency. The causes lie either in the pituitary gland itself or in the hypothalamus. What is […]

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What is the Definition of Granuloma?

Granuloma is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease. Here, tough papules (skin nodules) form, which occur particularly on the backs of the hands and feet, with children/adolescents being affected more often than adults. What is a granuloma? According to, a granuloma is a lump-like, mostly benign new growth of skin tissue. Granulomas are first […]

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Cerebral Hemorrhage

What is the Definition of Cerebral Hemorrhage?

According to AbbreviationFinder, cerebral hemorrhage is a generic term for the so-called intracranial hemorrhage (cerebral hemorrhage inside the skull), intracerebral hemorrhage (cerebral hemorrhage in the area of ​​the brain) and extracerebral hemorrhage (cerebral hemorrhage of the meninges). In the narrower sense, however, this usually means the intracerebral cerebral hemorrhage directly in the brain. What is […]

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