pituitary insufficiency

What is the Definition of PI?

According to abbreviationfinder, PI stands for pituitary insufficiency. Pituitary insufficiency is an underfunction of the pituitary gland. Since messenger substances for other hormone glands are produced in the pituitary gland, there is a general hormone deficiency in the event of insufficiency. The causes lie either in the pituitary gland itself or in the hypothalamus. What is […]

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What is the Definition of CEDAW?

Short for Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women according to abbreviationfinder, CEDAW is the body of independent experts that monitors the implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. It is made up of 23 women’s rights experts from around the world. The countries that have adhered […]

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What is the Definition of QoS?

According to abbreviationfinder, QoS stands for Quality of Service. The ability of a network to provide different levels of service to ensure different traffic profiles. Requirements It is a set of service requirements that the network must meet in transporting a flow. It can be implemented in different situations, to manage congestion or to avoid […]

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What is the Definition of CGI?

Information Management Center, CGI Information Management Center is short for CGI according to abbreviationfinder. Scientific and technological information center, in addition to the university library, of the University of Camagüey “Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz”, UC. Founded in 1977, in September 2014 it became part of the Directorate of Scientific Information Management, DGIC, together with the libraries of two […]

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Diabetic Ketoacidosis

What is the Definition of Diabetic Ketoacidosis?

A failure of the metabolism is called diabetic ketoacidosis. Type 1 diabetics are affected here. Diabetic ketoacidosis occurs suddenly and can be fatal. Diabetic ketoacidosis is caused by an excessively high blood sugar level and a pronounced insulin deficiency. What is Diabetic Ketoacidosis? Abbreviated as DKH on abbreviationfinder, diabetic ketoacidosis is a metabolic disorder. Insulin-dependent […]

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World Health Organization WHO

What is the Definition of WHO?

Standing for World Health Organization on AbbreviationFinder, WHO is the international body of the United Nations system responsible for health. Made up of a group of experts, they develop health guidelines and standards, and help countries address public health issues, support and promote health research. Through WHO, governments can jointly tackle global health problems and […]

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