Andros, Bahamas

Andros, Bahamas


The wildest and thus attractive island of the Bahamas is Andros. Mangrove shady forests, centuries-old pines with a dizzying coniferous aroma of resin steamed in the hot sun, palm trees with glossy emerald leaves, white sand and the expanse of the sea – and above all this blessed silence and stunning peace… There are fewer and fewer places like this in the world, and while privacy is available, there is an opportunity to lie on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas with the purest sand and water.

According to Wholevehicles, most visitors stay on the east coast of the island in three main cities: Nicholl’s Town (Nicholl’s Town), Congo Town (Congo Town) and Andros Town (Andros Town, the capital).

How to get there

You can get to the island on Western Air flights from Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, in 15 minutes (twice a day), Andros Town airport in the center of the island. In addition, there are three other airports: San Andros Airport in the north, Clarence A. Bain Airport in Mangrove Cay and Congo Town Airport in the south.

Accordingly, you should think in advance about which airport your hotel is closer to.


There is a problem with public transport on the island: often, the only way to get anywhere is a taxi, which is quite expensive. There are several rental offices – in the north of the island and in the center, the cost is also high. And the quality of roads and the number of gas stations leave much to be desired. Therefore, perhaps the best way to explore Andros is to negotiate with a local taxi driver who, for 85-100 USD per day (plus gas payment), will take you wherever your heart desires.

You can also rent a bike, but be aware of the poor quality of the roadway.

Andros beaches

Somerset Beach is colorful, framed by rickety fishing villages, the few inhabitants of which hustle day and night in salt water, sorting through the thinned threads of old fishing nets.

Entertainment and attractions of Andros

The historical value of a walk around the island appears when you visit a complex of abandoned buildings, at the beginning of the century, sparkling with vintage and sophisticated style. You need to move south from Pleasant Bay. The city of Andros Town attracts rare tourists with the opportunity to admire the symbol of the city – the dolphin, and visit the lighthouse, battered by hurricanes and sea winds. For dessert – the town of Red Bay, where you can still stroll through the last refuge – the village of the descendants of the Seminole Indians, engaged in weaving souvenirs.

2 things to do on Andros

  1. Buy one of Pink Rose’s handmade items, which needlewoman and local resident Rosa Bastian creates from dried coconut shells, fish scales, sea shells. A few hours later, flower necklaces, dolls, brooches, amazing and intricate decor items appear in her hands. While the guests choose the exhibits they like, the locals delight their ears with funny stories about the traditions of their region. Opening hours: daily (except Saturday) from 7:00 to 23:00.
  2. Check personally the fact of the existence of terrible red-eyed elves – chakcharnis, living on the tops of pine trees, making friends with whom is much safer than expressing disrespect to them. Apparently, it is not in vain that the locals at the slightest mention of mystical creatures shudder and convulsively wave away.

Wedding on Andros

That is why newlyweds often choose the islands of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas for marriage. And in the hotels of Andros Island there are even special “wedding packages” that help to save a little on holding a wedding celebration in an exotic earthly paradise. Of course, marriage registration takes place exclusively within the hotels, the “wedding program” includes not only the traditional wedding night in the best rooms, but also musical accompaniment of the registration ceremony, small souvenirs and even a specially trained representative of the mayor’s office of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, who delivers a parting speech before the future “cell of society”.

Diving and fishing

The most frequent guests of Andros have long been extreme divers who are ready to spend hours exploring the amazing and diverse underwater world of the Bahamas. But most often they are driven by a burning desire to conquer the barrier reef, which is the third longest in the world, as well as to study the nature of mysterious blue holes.

The most popular place for this is located near the settlement of Love Hill. It attracts conquerors of the sea depths, the largest of the marine anomalies, its diameter is more than one hundred and twenty meters. In addition to diving, snorkelling, swimming with wild dolphins, safaris, local entrepreneurs offer tourists to go fishing early in the morning or late at night. The island is even called the “white herring capital of the world” (elops).

Renting a yacht per day will cost from 300 USD to 600 USD per day, fishing in groups will cost less: from 30 to 60 USD per person.

Andros, Bahamas