What is Carnival

What is the Definition of Carnival?

What is Carnival? Carnival is a three-day celebration that takes place in countries with a Christian tradition just before Lent begins. It is characterized by the use of colorful costumes and masks, as well as dances, parades and troupes. The dates to celebrate Carnival are variable between February and March, depending on the liturgical calendar. Therefore, Carnival is connected […]

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What is Charity

What is the Definition of Charity?

What is Charity? Charity is known as the attitude of someone who acts disinterestedly in favor of others, expecting nothing in return . As such, it can be understood as a synonym for altruism, philanthropy, generosity or solidarity. The word comes from the Latin carĭtas, caritātis. In this sense, charity is applicable to the different solidarity actions through which support is […]

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